2012 West Coast Axe-Fest Event

At the LA Amp & Custom Guitar Show this year, Fractal Audio also had the first ever “Axe-Fest West” with workshops and performances. This was a fantastic event put on by Kerry Lehrbass and Craig Shewmake inside of and part of the LA Amp Show. Whereas most amp companies have a room and show their wares; the Axe-Fest had two full ballrooms at the hotel the event is held at. One room was for the workshops; the other was for demonstrations and an exhibition of various ways to amplify and work with the Axe-FX. It was sponsored by Fractal Audio, Matrix, Tone Merchants, Guitar-Cable.com, Royer, ToneAlchemy, Lehle, Port City, Rivera, QSC, Toontrack, Pedalboard Labels.com, Carvin, Tour Supply Inc, Killer Graphix, Dunlop, and Solo-A-Week.

Guest presenters included myself, Mark Day, Cliff Chase, Matt Picone, Wes Hauch, Lawrence Petross, James Santiago, Dweezil Zappa, Tosin Abasi, Carl Rydlund, Cooper Carter, Bishop Cochrane, David Sorlien, and Matt Button.

Fractal Forum members shot it on video with three angles and high def. audio; that’s below. It was a great time.

Here is my full presentation from that event:

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