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I’m Scott Peterson, but not the (in)famous one. I’m a lifelong musician – playing guitar in rock, country, funk, soul, R&B, P&W and most any other context since I was 12. I can be seen and heard around the Detroit Metropolitan area playing Rock/Pop/Country Covers with The Detroit Drive and  P&W for Living Water Community Church.

I am Co-Founder and an Administrator of The Gear Page and a Moderator on the Fractal Audio Forum

My YouTube channel is here: YouTube Channel

My Gear:
Guitars: Melancon, PRS, Taylor, Tyler USA Variax.
Live/Recording Rig:  Fractal Audio | Atomic Amps | 64-Audio

Beta Testing:
I have done and continue to do a lot of beta testing for various music gear from software to hardware – guitars, amps, effects, digital/modeling devices, plug-ins,  etc.. As a matter of disclosure I mention that status when I post on forums about said gear. There are current Non-Disclosure Agreements with some companies though I do not post opinions on threads related to companies I cannot mention because of NDA agreements. Some companies I have done work for in this way are: Taylor Guitars, Fractal Audio, OwnHammer, Red Wire, Guytron, Line 6, Avid and others

Own Hammer is now offering my Custom Mix versions of their incredible Studio Mix Speaker Cabinet IR collections for the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II. Be sure to check them out!

I do private consulting with individuals and groups on rig design and programming specializing in Fractal Audio based rigs.

Contact me directly to discuss.

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