Axe-FX II Fast Track Consulting

I have been doing private consulting to guitarists, artists and guitar techs that require it for a few years now; I’ve worked for many very cool people. From guys right in Detroit (my part of the world) to flying out to California, Chicago and Virginia; I’ve worked with guys from New York, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Virginia  and more. I work in person or via Internet and phone.

What I charge is dependent on what you need me to do. I normally do two sorts of consulting jobs; the first is a ‘do it for me’ sort of thing where I work with you to dial up rigs and presets to fit what you are looking to do. I then guide you through what I did, how I did it and why I did it so you have enough information to then take it and go from there. For many artists; this is exactly what they want done. We do a back up of your entire rig, have a ‘living’ copy of it on a private Dropbox that I only share with you. That way, I can update anything needed even if you are on tour on an as-needed basis.

The other major aspect of what I do for people is best called “fast tracking” you into the best methods, step-by-step so you can create your own presets with me as your personal guide – ready to answer questions, offer suggestions and work with you as you go. Again, I keep a live Dropbox so you can share anything you want to, ask me about, etc as you work.

I can work over the Internet with screen sharing apps (I have a Join.Me pro account for that, I can share my desktop with you and then we can also then have me control your desktop and work with  your computer to control/program the Axe-FX II) or I do face-to-face consults, which are more intense but much more efficient. Both sorts of consulting or some hybrid of both is done only as needed and requested by you.

If you are interesting in discussing in more detail; use the contact form here or email me your phone number and a time to call. The initial call is free.

My goal with people is to help them define, outline and then approach the advanced technology that modern guitarist rigs can utilize in order to better program or customize the gear to work FOR them, instead of the guitarist/artist letting the gear dictate what they can and cannot do.

With all of the insane power at people’s fingertips nowadays, it can lead to ‘parameter paralysis’ where they can easily lose themselves in ‘tweaking’ up their guitar tones and lose themselves in that quest ending up frustrated and irritated, instead of bending the technology to their will and allowing it to free them from traditionally has been a trial-and-error approach to buying components and sticking them into a rig one at a time. Technology now has so much to offer in one ‘in the box’ that folks sometimes cannot get their hands around it to get what they seek.

Here is a presentation I did to a group of Fractal Audio Owners about building out their presets in the Axe-FX II:

If you’d be interested in talking to me to see if I can help you – please drop me a line. There’s no charge for any initial consultation and I love to talk gear with people.


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