In the end, beyond the gear, the show, the party… it is about the music.

I am a songwriter, producer, engineer and guitarist. In the 90’s, I was in the Marilyn Mack Group – an all original rock/pop band. We put out a CD called “Under” that we sold at shows and played regionally around the Midwest. That CD did relatively well for a small independent regional release. It is available from among others. Click the photo below to check it out.


In 2001 I released a solo CD featuring Ariel Pozzo, Steve Whaley and Michael Fredericks doing my songs. I composed, engineered, mixed, mastered, packaged and distributed it. It is currently still available from ITunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Click the photo for sound clips to check it out:


I have guested on many other recordings including Ariel Pozzo’s “Permanent Damage”, Laura Wilkie’s releases and many others.


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